Una Una

Adventure Island

Almost completely surrounded by the protective arms of central and north Sulawesi, Tomini Bay is reputedly the calmest deep water bay in the world. Located at the tip of the Tomini Bay, Una Una is the most remote island of the Togian Archipelago.

Due to the remoteness and almost uninhabited state in the last decades, the corals are untouched and thriving, attracting a diverse marine life with massive schools of fish. The best dive sites of the Togian Islands are on the east side of Una Una, located directly in front of our resort.

Una Una is a volcanic island, stretching approximately 10 km from east to west. About 500 local people inhabit the island, primarily occupied with harvesting the abundant coconut trees.

Local life
With the volcano as the main attraction, Una Una is a proper adventure island. In an almost full-day hike following riverbeds, crossing the jungle, the inside of the crater can be reached. Once starting the hike there is no human or any human activity to be seen, all contributing to the real Jurassic Park feeling.

Local life is easily experienced by a walk into the village, where small scale palm sugar (gulamera) and coconut (copra) production plants can be visited.

For the real local experience, join us on Fridays when we take our staff (and guests) for the weekly football match on the pitch in the center of the village. Most of the locals wear football shoes (some only one) and take the match bloody serious.

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings we started hosting English classes on the local primary school. You are invited to join or even take over a class if you feel comfortable.

We are still exploring, but Una Una is home to many different bird species, of which a couple are endemic to the Togean Islands. Huge fishing eagles, bright blue kingfishers and red, long tailed pigeons are frequently spotted. Another endemic animal is the Varanus Togeanus, a yellow spotted monitor lizard, found nowhere else but in the Togeans.

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