Our big, open and spacious restaurant is the place where we serve all meals and where we created relax areas including board games, book shelves and guitars.

All food is prepared in the open kitchen situated within the restaurant building. Guests are invited to have a look at how all delicious meals are prepared. The food is mainly Indonesian (including a lot of fish), with some western influences (fried potatoes, pancakes etc.).

The cooks are able to make a great variety of dishes, in which we make sure there is always plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits. Fish is caught locally, chicken is island bred and has been free ranging, and our own vegetable garden is providing us more every day.

We have had guests with a great variety of dietary wishes; vegan, no salt, no gluten etc. For all our cooks have been able to put great and varying dishes on the table.

Breakfast time is completely up to our guests. Lunch and dinner we try to have with everybody together, respectively around 12.30 and 7pm.