Dive sites

Divesites diving Una Una Island Sulawesi Indonesia
    1. Gorner
    2. Mandiri
    3. Jack Point
    4. Abyss
    5. Wall-E
    6. Black Forest
    7. Little India
    8. Menara Dua
    9. Kingstonwall
    10. Jetty
    11. Tutturuga
    12. Greta Place
    13. Satelite
    14. Pinnacle 2
    15. M&M
    16. Valtimo
    17. Pumpuli
    1. Pinnacle 1
    2. Jam
    3. House Reef
    4. Ghost Town
    5. The Rocks
    6. Ihana
    7. Jungle
    8. Barren Land
    9. Bernd Land
    10. Hongkong
    11. China Town
    12. Stingray City
    13. Atlantis
    14. Apollo
    15. Batu Gila
    16. Artemis

Una Una is home to a huge variety of reef formations and dive sites; fringing reef slopes, barrier reefs, coral gardens, deep water features and some muck diving areas. The waters around Una Una alone contain over 35 named dive sites. Below is a little description of our 10 favorites;

Pinnacle I
When you look out from our jetty, the buoy of Pinnacle I glares at the horizon. Just of shore from Pristine Paradise this standalone rock formation rises up from the deep. It is one of Una Una’s most well-known dive sites and for good reason. Also known as Fishmania, this dive site shows innumerable species of aquatic life, like massive tunas, eagle rays and schools of jackfish. One dive is often not even enough to take it all in, so who is up for seconds?

Maximum depth: 50 meters
Home to both predators and reef fish
Most famous dive site of Una Una

Is it a wall? No. Is it a coral terrace? No. It’s both! The Kingstonwall site offers you the opportunity to see bigger fish swimming around, like eagle rays, Napoleon wrasses or turtles. The dive site raises from the deep like a fortress. The wall has many ‘hidden doors’ that are the entrances to small caves and crevices. With its dramatic rock formations and the unique dancing of the light, this dive site could easily form the back drop of a fantasy novel.

Maximum depth: 30+ meters
Dramatic rock formations
Opportunity to see the bigger stuff

Named after Una Una’s south cape ‘Apollo’, this is the spot were a school of hundreds (sometimes thousand plus) of barracuda live. We might end up inside the tornado of barracudas because they’re really curious about our bubbles. The coral is so healthy that plenty of other sea creatures find themselves a nice home here. What’s more to say? Well, after this dive you’re most welcome to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee at a very friendly local called Masdin before heading out to the next dive.

Maximum depth: 40 meters
One of the most well-known dive sites of Una Una

Ever wondered where wall dives start? Then you should visit Greta’s. This dive site is on the edge of the wall and the sloping bottom. A perfect spot for a confetti of colorful fish on plenty of intact soft corals. And as this is the neighbor of Kingstonwall, sneak peek into the blue for unpredictable ‘big’ surprises!

Maximum depth: 30+ meters
Confetti of colorful fish
Start of coral wall

Wreck / Jam
Right in front of Pristine Paradise, an old out-of-order public boat sank a few years ago. Here you may find ornate ghost pipefish, shrimps and snappers living in and around the wreck. A couple of minutes swimming away we find a big flat area called Jam. This dive site hosts a small school of barracuda, moray eels and at the end of the dive you make your safety stop right above massive sea cucumbers.

Maximum depth: 30 meters
Public boat wreck
Barracuda potential

As the name suggest this dive site is like a jungle. There are so many beautiful corals and formations that you almost need to bring a machete on this dive to get through it all. Jungle starts with a slightly sloping coral patch but soon enough you will witness the uprising of the wall that continues all the way around the north side of Una Una. This unique positioning makes this dive site a must-see for beginning and experienced divers.

Maximum depth: 30 meters, but mostly shallower than 18
Starting point of the wall
Huge variety of creatures

Hong Kong
Get your passport ready, we’re visiting Hong Kong! This dive site has the name of a metropole for good reason. The variety and number of fish and creatures that live here is huge and the way tube sponges grow looks like a skyline. Hong Kong is the favorite hangout for turtles around Una Una and you might want to scan the edge of the coral to spot the peacock mantis shrimp waving at you. With a maximum depth of 20 meters this is a dive site that should not be missed by anyone.

Maximum depth: 20 meters
Skyline forming corals
Turtle hang out

Usually starting the dive at a wall, you enter Blackforest from it’s deeper part. Nowhere else in the world you find coral formations as those on the Blackforest dive site. As the name suggest it looks like the mystical snowy tree tops on the hills of the German Swarzwald. Others say it looks like a landscape of outer space. Anyway, this fairytale scenery houses black tip reef sharks as well as stingrays. The dive site is accessible to all certified divers and is a definite must see of the Togeans.

Maximum depth: 20 meters
Fairytale scenery unique in the world
Black tip reef sharks

The furthest dive site is maybe the most colorful one. From a very deep drop (we never saw the end) up to just a meter or so below the surface we find too many things to sum up. Enormous coral formations, octopus, lion fish, pufferfish, napoleon wrasse or eagle ray is just a small taster of what’s there to see.

Maximum depth: 40 meters
Partially wall, partially coral garden
Colorful soft corals

At the far north side of Una Una we find the dive site Jack Point. Though the name suggests that there are a lot of jackfish around, but you’re more likely to see nudibranchs or other smaller aquatic life. This dive site is an impressive wall that is famous for the big green soft corals that reflect particularly beautiful in the morning sunlight. The massive overhangs and crevasses give you the feeling as if you are truly “inside” this wall.

Maximum depth: 40+ meters
Giant soft corals
Overhang and crevasses

Next to these mentioned sites, there are more than 20 others, all full of thriving corals and home to massive schools of fish, situated within a couple of minutes from our resort.
In general dive conditions are very good around Una Una. No strong currents, calm seas and dive sites within minutes’ reach.