Marine life

Situated near the center of the global hot spot of submarine biodiversity known as the coral triangle, the marine life near Una Una is diverse in both corals and reef fishes.

While only covering 1.6% of the planet’s oceanic area, the region has 76% of all known coral species and 37% of all reef fish species in the world. The waters around Una Una are known for huge coral and sponge formations, reefs teeming with fish and plenty of deep water action.

The good visibility allows you to spot huge schools of black-tail barracuda, thousands strong, forming vast shimmering whirlpool walls. Eagle rays and turtles also call Una Una their home, living next to an endless amount of colorful fish reef and predator fish. Less frequent passing-by visitors include whale sharks, blue marlins, pilot whales and manta rays.

In general marine life around Una Una is bigger than average, this accounts the coral formations, but as well the tuna, schooling big eye trevallies, cuttlefish and reef octopus. These have been spotted in monstrous sizes. Next to these big fish there is a lot to explore on macro level, countless nudibraches, of which a lot have the ‘undescribed’ status in the fish books.