Dive sites

Divesites diving Una Una Island Sulawesi Indonesia
    1. Gorner
    2. Mandiri
    3. Jack Point
    4. Abyss
    5. Wall-E
    6. Black Forest
    7. Little India
    8. Menara Dua
    9. Kingstonwall
    10. Jetty
    11. Tutturuga
    12. Greta Place
    13. Satelite
    14. Pinnacle 2
    15. M&M
    16. Valtimo
    17. Pumpuli
    1. Pinnacle 1
    2. Jam
    3. House Reef
    4. Ghost Town
    5. The Rocks
    6. Ihana
    7. Jungle
    8. Barren Land
    9. Bernd Land
    10. Hongkong
    11. China Town
    12. Stingray City
    13. Atlantis
    14. Apollo
    15. Batu Gila
    16. Artemis

There is a huge variety of reef formations and dive sites; isolated coral atolls with sheer deep walls, fringing reef slopes, barrier reefs, coral gardens, deep water features, muck diving and mangrove areas. The waters around Una Una alone contain over 35 dive sites.

The acknowledged best dive site of the Togean archipelago, Pinnacle 1, is situated straight in front of our resort. It’s a submerged, large rock pinnacle, where the walls drop off to 60 meters on the east side with some absolute monster examples of black, gold and green tube, vase, cone and barrel sponges. The entire site is overloaded with fish (alternative name for the site is Fishmania), with next to the abundant and colorful reef fish, big schools of jackfish, hunting tuna and rainbow runners and in the deeper parts black tip reef sharks.

The site Hong Kong offers nice and slightly sloping coral gardens on a depth from 12 to 20 meters. It is home to a large number of green and hawksbill turtles, cuttlefish, Napoleon wrasse and many more.

Menara II is a nice example of the many beautiful wall dive sites that surround Una Una on the northern side. The, at some places, overhanging walls are completely covered in the biggest and most beautiful coral formations, providing shelter for countless fish. These sites are very good for spotting eagle rays.

Apollo is one of the sites that are a bit more technical. Coral formations start at a depth of 22 meters, with possibly some current. Corals here are unbelievably beautiful and thriving, making it the favorite spot for one of the two (discovered) schools of barracuda around Una Una. This school is a couple hundreds to a thousand strong, full of barracuda of at least a meter long. They are curious of nature, and attracted by bubbles created by divers. When lucky, the school starts circling around, creating the so called Barracuda Hurricane.

A couple years ago a local public boat (was) sunk in the waters of Una Una. Slowly corals and fish are taking over the place and make it their home. The site offers a nice wreck dive.

Next to these mentioned sites, there are more than 30 others, all full of thriving corals and home to massive schools of fish, situated within a couple of minutes from our resort.

In general dive conditions are very good around Una Una. No strong currents, calm seas and dive sites within minutes’ reach.