It’s not the easiest place to reach, but believe us: it’s worth it!

We can help arrange pick-up from Wakai, the main village in the Togean Islands (let us know), you can arrange a charter boat once in Wakai, or take a public boat to Una Una leaving every Sunday, Tuesday, Friday from Wakai around 8 or 9 in the morning. To get to Wakai, you have a couple of options:

Via Ampana

There are daily speed boats from Ampana to Wakai at 09:00 and 12:00. The other way around the boats are operated at the same time (!August 2018: the 12:00 one from Ampana/ 9:00 one from Wakai is currently not operational! Its unclear if and when it will be back!). It takes around one hour and twenty minutes and costs Rp 130.000/person. The boats have limited seats, so we advise to book the tickets a couple days in advance during the busier period (June to September).

For bookings of all transport to and from Ampana please contact Edy; +62 82349951833 (WhatsApp possible). He runs a travel agency based in Ampana and is happy to help with any question you have.

Ampana can be reached via different routes; there are daily minivans between Ampana and Poso/Palu/Luwuk, again Edy can help you with these. The easiest way to reach Ampana however, is a daily Wings Air flight from Palu. Flights can be booked by

Via Gorontalo

The night ferry “Tuna Tomini” runs twice a week from Gorontalo to Wakai (takes about 12hrs). It leaves Gorontalo every Tuesday and Friday at 17:00, arriving in Wakai the next morning. The ferry makes the return trip to Gorontalo on Thursdays and Mondays, leaving Wakai at 16:00 and arriving the next morning around 05:00.

Economy class ticket is Rp 65.000/person, ticket for a place on the open sleeper area Rp 73.000/person. You can rent a mattress for an additional Rp 10.000. Business class (airconditioned) available for Rp 89.000/person and a cabin with up to 4 beds for Rp 500.000 (excluding the economy ticket fare). Tickets can be booked in the harbor.

For bookings of all transport to and from Gorontalo please contact Harry/Mimin; +62 81342035519 (WhatsApp possible). They run a small travel agency based in Gorontalo and are happy to help with anything in or around Gorontalo.

Gorontalo is reached easily by daily (direct) flights from Manado, Jakarta and Bali. For full range of domestic flights see There are several minivans operated between Gorontalo and Manado, taking about 10 hours.

Alternative routes

There are several alternative sea routes to reach Wakai / Una Una from islands or cities around.

An alternative route to enter the Togean Islands is via the ferry from Bumbulan (near Marissa) to Dolong. It leaves on Thursdays and Sundays at 8am and takes around 5 hours to reach Dolong.

From Dolong you could start island hopping towards for example Malenge, but we would only recommend this to backpackers with plenty of time and patience. There are public boats operated between the different islands in the Togean Archipelago, but schedules change on a weekly basis.

It is possible to charter a direct (slow) boat to Una Una from islands in the Togeans other than Wakai, like Bomba, Malenge or Kadidiri. Resorts on these islands will be able to help you arrange it. It’s worth though to find people to share the fare with (800.000 to 1.200.000 Rp, depending on the island).

For people on a tighter travel schedule, we can arrange direct transport from/to Ampana or Marisa (Gorontalo area) to/from our resort. A direct (speed)boat transfer to/from Ampana takes about 2 hours, and costs Rp 3.500.000 (fits max 8 people). A direct (speed)boat transfer to/from Marisa takes again about 2 hours, and costs Rp 4.500.000 (fits max 6 people). Let us know.